Monday, July 23, 2012

DJ softwares

I've been a Deejay for many years now and people use to ask me about these DJ softwares that can make any one a DJ.

Well yes its true, any body can technically be a DJ by using a software like Traktor, Serato or other ones. I my self use Traktor and that makes my work much easier then before. No more searching for songs in 1-2 minutes on CD-cases or such any more, a lot of effects to play with, better control and overall view and even beat sync which I never use. But the line between being a good DJ and a worthless DJ is very thin. No software in the world can make you a good DJ that can fill up the dance-floor and keep it that way all night. Very important that a DJ has the rhythm in the blood and has the knowledge of what tracks that works on that particular floor, when to change a song and know what song to play next to keep the people on the dance-floor, because when you lose four people the others will follow the flock. I mean a professional Club-DJ does not play its own favorite songs because that would just kill the dance floor and I see many "DJ's" make that mistake. Dude your'e here to play what the most guests like to dance to, not for your self or your friends.

So what I mean is, to be a good DJ, you need knowledge and experience and rhythm in you. Beat sync won't help if you don't got the rhythm in you or you don't have no idea when to mix in the other song.