Saturday, July 20, 2013

Traktor Pro has problems with CDJ-350

This issue with Traktor Scratch Pro and a HID-connection with CDJ-350 ruined my gig last night.

The problem is that the Jog-wheel stops working and loses connection some how while every other buttons are working like it should. In my case the issue happened when I was playing with the Loop buttons. I've been searching on this issue and there are many other dudes that have been struggling with the exactly same problem. They too played with the loop buttons before the jog-wheel died on them, so it must be some bug with Traktor because the problem can only be solved if you restart Traktor. I've tried to restart the CDJ:s and all but nothing happened. I also get a MIDI signal when I play with the Jog-wheel but it won't work. So I think its Traktor that have a issue in this case.

Is the anybody out there who has solved this issue without restarting Traktor please share it with me.