Monday, October 22, 2012

Facebook Private Messages Public on TimeLine

This have to be a major fuck up by Facebook. And they have the guts to deny it and say its the users that can't remember if messages was private or not some years ago.

Mine and many others private messages from some years ago appears on our timelines looking like a ordinary post on the profile page. For me, even DELETED private messages are publicized as regular posts on my Timeline randomly. When I hide or delete them, new one come up when I update the page. The only why to help this is to change the private settings on who-can-see-posts-on-your-Timeline to "only me" buy still... your private messages may be published on your friends Timelines. This shit is fucked up!

I have like many others reported this issue to Facebook and they don't even care to answer! This is how a giant social media community makes self destruction. Just because of some lines of code and many stupid employees. People will leave and Facebook will die! Good position for Google+ to gain now.

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Anonymous said...

You can easily confirm whether something on your timeline was a private message by checking your old notification emails.

If you have a notification email headed "xxx posted on your wall" this proves the post was always a wall post

If you have an email headed "New message from xxx" you did receive a private message

900 million users and so far not one has been able to substantiate their claim. Can you?